PrettyCI - PHP-CS-Fixer and CodeSniffer as a service

Stop wasting time on coding style

Continuous integration for PHP coding standards.

PrettyCI integrates PHP CodeSniffer and PHP-CS-Fixer straight into GitHub's new Checks tab.

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PrettyCI integrates PHP CodeSniffer and PHP-CS-Fixer into GitHub

Fast as hell

Analyses are never queued, they run less than a second after a git push.

The status of a commit or pull request is updated in just a few seconds!

Built on standard tools

PrettyCI runs PHP CodeSniffer and PHP-CS-Fixer, the most common tools for PHP coding style.

This means you can run the same analysis on your machine and there is no vendor lock-in.

Secure builds

Every analysis runs in a throwable and isolated environment.

The code is thrown away once the analysis has finished running.

Do not compromise on fast feedback

Already running PHP CodeSniffer or PHP-CS-Fixer on your CI platform? PrettyCI can help you build software faster!

Jenkins/Gitlab CI/Travis/…


Running tools sequentially on the same job runner means slower developer feedback.
It also means that a failure in the first job will stop the whole build. Getting a green build becomes a multi-step hassle.

Jenkins/Gitlab CI/Travis/…


Parallelizing jobs is better: jobs finish earlier and both will run no matter what. However this is costly as it requires more runners. Coding style jobs taking runners from tests means jobs can pile up and queue.

Jenkins/Gitlab CI/Travis/…

Using PrettyCI for validating coding style means that more runners will be available for your tests (or that less runners will be needed at all). And since PrettyCI does not queue jobs at all, coding style status is usually available the moment a pull request is open.
PrettyCI guarantees the fastest feedback loop while keeping costs under control.

PrettyCI is no longer active

PrettyCI is no longer active, you can read more about it here.